Potatoes: more than a bit on the side

You might think you know all there is to know about potatoes, but few people realise how many healthy and delicious meals can be made with them. Packed full of potassium, fibre and vitamin C, potatoes are a brilliant addition to any meal. Check out a variety of yummy recipes, all containing potatoes, for you to try:

1. Grilled Salmon and Potato Rainbow Salad


At just over 600kcal, this ‘Bowl in One’ is a delicious combination of salmon spiced with turmeric, fresh potatoes for a fibre and potassium boost, and a generous helping of a mix of vegetables to provide three and a half portions of the recommended ‘5 A DAY’. Incorporating ingredients from all food groups, the dish provides nutrients important for eye, heart and digestive health. 

2. Greek Potato and Chicken Parcels with Pomegranate, Spinach and Sumac


These yummy filo parcels are quick to prepare, as well as being tantalisingly moreish thanks to the spiced fruity flavours. They look so appetising and are the perfect dish to serve when entertaining friends.

3. Pork & Potato Dumplings with Korean Kimchi


These spicy and flavoursome dumplings are surprisingly quick and simple to prepare, taking just half an hour. Perfect for when you feel like showing off your culinary skills!

4. Deconstructed Chicken Kiev and Potato Parcels

recipes with potato 

Enjoy this tasty modern twist on the traditional Chicken Kiev. Layered with thinly sliced potato and oozing in garlic butter, this is the perfect weekend indulgence. Enjoy with a crisp side salad.

5. Buffalo-Style Slow Cooked Potato and Chicken

more than a bit on the side 

Create perfect sticky chicken thighs and potatoes in your slow cooker. Pair this recipe with a crunchy slaw, wedge salad and ranch-style dressing for an American inspired feast.

6. Charred Potato, Grilled Peach and Sliced Lamb with Parsley Dressing

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Get your griddle on with this delicious charred potato, served with grilled peach and sliced lamb for a surprising combination that looks lovely on the plate. Paired with a homemade parsley dressing, this is a perfect springtime dish.

7. Fondant Potato with Poached Salmon and Easy Beurre Blanc

fondant potatoes 

Channel your inner French culinary master, this easy version is a classic fish supper. 

8. Aromatic Potato, Pea & Mint Soup with Garlic Toasts

potato and pea soup 

Liven up your lunchtimes with a soup that is spiced with garam masala and mint – perfect for batch cooking. Serve with toasted bread that has been rubbed with a little garlic to really round the meal off. 

9. Duchesse Mini Fish Pies 

fish pie 

This twist on a classic fish pie is perfect as party finger food. With the beautiful flavours of dill, nutmeg and fish combining in a delectable potato base, these are truly a treat!

10. Sweet and Spicy Lamb and Potato Filled Squash

lamb and potato 

Sure to be something you haven’t tried before, this hearty dish combines warming, exotic spices with more traditional ingredients - lamb and squash. Easy to create, but so delicious.

Check out Love Potatoes website for more nutritious and tasty recipes ideas from the ‘Potatoes: More Than A Bit On The Side’ campaign.

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