The benefits of coconut oil

1. Cooking

coconut oil

Coconut oil has a high flash point. This means compared to other oils it can withstand higher temperatures without breaking down. 

2. Baking

benefits of coconut oil

Baking with coconut oil is a growing trend. This is because unlike other oils coconut oil is high in Lauric acid, although this can be said to raise cholesterol it is rich in HDL, a healthy type of cholesterol. 

3. Bulletproof coffee

coconut oil in coffee

Mixing in coconut oil in your coffee doesn’t just make it taste better but it is also a gluten free and vegan creamer alternative, simply froth your coffee with coconut oil. 

4. Non-stick coating for cooking utensils

benefits of coconut oil

Recent studies have shown that the chemicals used to create non stick have been found to be toxic to consumer’s health, with links to cancer, thyroid problems and infertility. Coconut oil is both a natural and safe alternative to use as it can protect the enamel on enamel coated pans. 

5. Make up remover

coconut oil make up remover

Coconut oil is natural and delicate make up remover that doesn’t irritate the skin and easily removes make up leaving the skin moisturised. The oil effortlessly removes even waterproof mascara without losing eyelashes in the process.

6. Face/body Moisturiser

coconut oil moisturiser

Coconut oil is a very light moisturiser that quickly gets absorbed into skin, recommended for people with naturally oily skin as it leaves minimal excess and instead leaves skin looking radiant and hydrated.  

7. Oil pulling

coconut oil pulling

A growing trend is oil pulling. Swishing around a table spoon of coconut oil (or one sachet) for 10-20 min will detoxify your mouth and improve your oral hygiene. The lauric acid in coconut oil attacks harmful bacteria in the mouth that can cause bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease. Or if you don’t like oil pulling, simply add it to your toothpaste. Cocofina do a great range which you can find here

8. Hair mask

coconut oil for hair

As mentioned before, coconut oil is the perfect moisturiser, this includes for the hair. Coconut oil is easily absorbed by the scalp and help to remove sebum build-up which is created on hair follicles. For the best result massage in coconut oil and place a hat on top, to keep it warm and liquefied, this makes it easier to absorb. 

9. Massage Oil

coconut oil for massages

Who doesn’t want massage oil that is natural, pure, and smells amazing? The vitamin E in coconut is great for nourishing skin and making it softer. 

10. Creaking hinges

coconut oil benefits

Creaking hinges? Coconut oil is a great cost efficient way to lubricate door hinges, simply apply coconut oil to get rid of the squeaking noise! 

About Cocofina

Cocofina are the Coconut Experts that produce a range of innovative, organic, vegan and vegetarian friendly products. The products are certified organic by the UK Soil Association and many have won Great Taste Awards from the Guild of Fine Food.


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