10 images all perfectionists will love

As a fellow perfectionist, there's nothing better than when you come across something that is pretty darn perfect. Here's a selection of photos that too perfect for their own good...

1. This photo of the ancient baths in the Alcazar of Seville, Spain


2. The reflection of the trees and mountains in this lake...

Reflections in lake

3. A boat of rowers with their oars in exactly the same positions

Rowers rowing

4. This stunning contemporary glass architecture in Milan

Glass architecture

5. Two swans forming a love heart with their necks

Swans forming a heart

6. This aerial view of a highway interchange

Highway interchange

7. The roof of the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II – one of the oldest shopping malls

Glass dome

8. The perfectly formed leaves on this sunflower

Sunflower leaves

9. This pebble arch that holds itself in place

Stones forming an arch

10. And last but not least, this beautful snowy winter scene. 

Snow shadows

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