10 reasons why you should learn to code

10 reasons why you should learn to code

Coding is back in a big way – and it is something which you should think about learning if you aren’t already. Here Jon Silvera of FUZE Technologies gives you 10 reasons why you should care about coding...

1. The geek shall inherit the earth

They may have been traditionally teased at school or left out as outsiders, but the geeks have found their place in today’s world. Sherlock, comic books being made into films, Sci-Fi, Comic Con… the list goes on.

2. Coding is genuinely fun, cool and rewarding

From creating games and apps to controlling robots, coding is a skill that lends you to physically see the fruit of your labour. Want to create a bestselling game? Design a robot for Robot Wars? Start coding, it is the beginning.

3. Being able to code secures you a career no matter what you’re interested in

Our future is a digital one – and learning to code secures you a place in the ever changing digital world that we live in.

4. You can hack!

5. The future is unwritten – as a coder you can write it

No one knows what the future brings, but we know it will be even more digital than it is now. As a coder you can help to shape it.

6. You have a skill that is the envy of non-coders

7. You have a career opportunity in teaching others to code

With the addition of coding on to the curriculum, being able to teach other to code is definitely an advantage.

8. It gives you a genuine career advantage

Digital tech sector roles are now on the UK’s Shortage Occupation List so could be a great career move.

9. It gives you control of your destiny

10. It pays…. Well, let’s just say you’ll be way above average

The average salary of a programmer in the UK is £47,500.

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