10 tips for new parents

Baby laughs

Exciting times ahead! Being a mum/dad for the first time is both wonderful and, let's face it, a bit scary! We asked 10 mums and dads for one piece of golden advice... 

1 Dance with your babies in the living room. It provides a little exercise and a lot of laughter.

Emily. Mummy to two.

2 Trust your instincts – so many times I relied on what others said and recommended, I wish I’d listened to my instincts more and done things my way!

Annwen. Mummy to two and blogger. www.realsuburbanmummy.com


3 Whatever the weather, get out with the pram every day. To clear your head, time to think and time to bond.

Susanne. Mummy to three and blogger. www.ghostwritermummy.co.uk

4 Give yourself 30 minutes ‘me time’ a day. Don’t rush to do the never ending list of chores. Do something that you enjoy – even if it’s just the chance to pluck your eyebrows in peace!

Gemma. Mummy of one.

5 Don’t compare. Don’t compare your baby to someone else’s baby. Don’t compare your own parenting skills to those of other parents. It can only lead to worry and frustration. Worry that usually isn’t necessary.

Helen. Mummy to two and blogger. www.actuallymummy.co.uk

6 Make sure the buggy you so desperately want actually fits in your car!

Jane. Mummy to one.

7 Everything is a phase. Remember that during those two weeks of no sleep, or the aches and pains of teething. It soon passes.

Rachael. Mummy to two. 

8 You can’t have too many muslin squares, they are great for so many different uses with newborns.

Jo. Mummy to two and blogger. www.sitstillmonkeys.co.uk

9 When changing a little boy’s nappy, make sure you put a flannel or wipe over his bits, otherwise you’re likely to get a soaking! Also, when putting a new nappy on, make sure that it’s pointing down!

Mary. Mummy to two.

10 People talk about a ‘Mother’s Instinct’, go with it! It’s trial and error and a steep learning curve but there is no right or wrong! Enjoy it.

Rhian. Mummy to three and founder of Wish Upon A Star


There's more help available on the new Kiddicare blog – a real gold mine of advice and reassurance for your incredible adventure into parenthood. Embrace the fact you’re definitely not alone!



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