10 ways to capture that quintessential British style

If you're looking for some design inspiration for your home, look no further than these ten cornerstones of UK design. Incorporate these into your house and you're sure to capture that quintessential British style.

1. Cosiness is king

Whether it's down to their relatively small homes or their love of a catch-up over a cuppa, Brits take cosiness to another level. British living rooms tend to feature a smattering of comfy seats and sofas, rather than one big sofa facing the TV, so there's ample room for everyone to pull up a pew and join in the conversation.

2. Pick a theme and stick with it

Brits tend to pick a style and stick with it. Fabrics, prints, and colours are incorporated into every aspect of a room to bring the space together. Get this look in your home by basing a room's décor around one pattern or material.

3. An eclectic mix of colours

Perhaps to brighten up the grey days, Brits aren't afraid of introducing a bit of vibrancy to their home. Embrace this style yourself with colourful feature walls and statement pieces, such as a bright rug or piece of art.

4. Floral prints

Brits love a floral print, too. While you won't see many floral carpets gracing the floors of British homes these days, you'll still find plenty of wallpaper, bedding, and upholstery in these colourful patterns. Cover a feature wall in some of the floral wallpaper from Graham & Brown to get this look in your home.

5. Embrace period features

The UK isn't short of history, and you'll find properties dating back to the Edwardian era in every city, town, and village across the country. Homes from every period have their own idiosyncrasies, and British homeowners often make a focal point out of their property's unique features. Take inspiration from this and preserve your property's quirks, rather than papering over them.

6. Collectables

While they're a bit antiquated now, British grandmothers still love a good collection of knick-knacks. Ceramics are a popular choice among the older generation, and ornaments or figurines will often be arranged on a side table in a dining or living room. For a modern twist on this great British tradition, pick up matching set of contemporary decorations from the collection of ornaments at Houseology.

7. Invest in traditional furniture

Britain's love of top-quality furniture goes back hundreds of years. The rise of flat-pack hasn't quashed the country's love of solid wood wardrobes and leather sofas, and you'll still find plenty of homes full of refined furniture in classic styles.
If you have more modern sensibilities, don't worry — a lot of these pieces create a fantastic contrast in an otherwise modern room, which is how they're often used in Britain today. A great way to get this look at home is with a Chesterfield — a true British design icon. The range of Chesterfield sofas at Timeless Chesterfields includes leather and fabric models that will bring a quintessential British feel to any living room.

8. Display a bit of culture

A fully-stocked bookcase and oil paintings hanging from the walls have been cornerstones of British design for centuries. However, you don't have to fill your shelves with dusty old tomes or cover your walls in landscape paintings to bring this look into your own home — simply display some of your favourite novels or hang a print from your favourite artist to bring the British penchant for culture into your home. For a cool twist on this style, display your vinyl records in an Art Vinyl Play and Display record frame, which gives you easy access to the records on your walls when you want to give them a spin.

9. Embrace multiculturalism

The UK is a melting pot of cultures, and British homeowners are never shy to incorporate styles and ideas from countries across the world into their interior design. Follow suit and don't think twice about experimenting with elements you fall in love with on your travels.

10. Don't be afraid to get kitsch

From garden gnomes to Union Jack armchairs, Brits are more than happy to embrace a bit of kitsch in their homes too. Some Union Jack décor is a great way to bring this style into your home, although you've got to be careful not to overdo it and leave your place looking like Austin Powers' pad. Go for something a bit more subtle, like these union jack cushions from Dunelm.  

If you want to introduce that quintessential British style into your home, simply follow these ten principles next time you redecorate. When you're done, you're sure to have a comfy and quirky space that's perfect for entertaining.

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