DIY decision makers: 10 decorating tips for clashing couples

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Have you recently moved in with the man in your life or bought your first house as a doer-upper and want to put your personal stamp on it?

If you were expecting your partner wouldn’t be that bothered about the end result and leave you to run the show, you’d be wrong.

A new breed of modern man has been born and they care about colours, fabrics and patterns more than you think. It’s been a long time coming but society is increasingly distancing itself from archaic ideals of gender stereotypes and the modern man is a very different creature to his predecessors. 

In fact, 75% of men in a recent study by soft furnishings brand admitted they have a newfound interest in interior design and 42% wish they could have more input into decorating decisions. 

Are you having serious home décor battles with the man in your life? 

Identify your decorating differences with this style personality quiz and you’ll be agreeing on the colour scheme in no time. 

But first, check out these top tips… 

1. Get organised!

decorating tips 

First things first, it’s important to have a clear out and get organised. There’s no point in lugging boxes of ‘stuff’ that haven’t been used in years to the new place. If you haven’t opened the boxes in the loft for years, it’s probably time to get rid! 

Get yourself a copy of The Life Changing Magic of Tidying: A simple effective way to banish clutter forever by Mary Kondo which offers advice on living an orderly and minimal lifestyle.

2. Leave more time than you think

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It’s an easy mistake to make; underestimating how long packing will take. Don’t risk leaving it to the last minute when you’re more likely to make irrational decisions about what to get rid of, you might regret it later.

Instead, spend a few hours a week in the run up to the move thinking about what you’re going to pack together, and label things according to the box they’re due to go in, so it’s easy to find at the other end. Packing boxes in relation to each room is always a good idea. 

3. Be honest & don’t ask for an opinion unless you really want one.

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Although modern men care about the big decisions like colours and the comfort of the chair he’s going to spend hours sitting in, he might not be quite so troubled by your everyday dish pattern. Equally try not be offended if in a moment of honesty, he tells you he doesn’t want your grandma’s old blanket draped over the arm of his comfy new chair. 

4. Collaborate! 

decorating tips 

Nowadays, 2 in 5 (38%) male respondents are going to the likes of Instagram and Pinterest to gather ideas and find style inspiration before decorating so get some joint boards on the go to create a blend of both personalities before hitting the shops! 

5. Show willingness to compromise

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Three quarters (74%) of men in a recent survey don’t feel their home reflects their personal style and surprisingly, a quarter of respondents (25%) admitted they actually feel powerless when it comes to their home decor. Come on ladies, give the guys a chance! 

6. And understand each other’s priorities

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Finding a routine in a new home is important and you’ll soon realise that you each consider different things a priority, whether that’s a large wall mounted TV or co-ordinated colour schemes. Taking each other’s preferences into account when designing a room will create harmony in the home. 

7. Combine soft + light with dark + strong

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Masculine style is traditionally more skewed towards darker colours and tough, resilient textures like leather, wood and metal whereas females usually prefer softer, cosy aesthetics with a focus on soft furnishings. A blend of the two will make your home personal and unique. 

8. Don’t confuse design dilemmas with relationship issues

decorating tips 

Great tension can come in times of great change so don’t fall prey to stress and exhaustion – save deep discussions for after the decorating is finished for the day or better still, once the redo is complete. You never know, that thing that was eating away at you might not seem so big once your house is a home. 

9. Role reversal

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If your other half is more design driven than you, let him take the reins with aesthetics whilst you focus on the hands-on tasks. found it’s not uncommon for home gender roles to shift, with 3 in 5 (61%) women taking on more traditionally male roles such as stripping wallpaper, painting and assembling flat pack furniture. 

10. Finally, prepare to find your local fish and chip shop

decorating tips 

…and don’t forget to celebrate with a bottle of bubbly! 


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