Embracing the E-bike revolution – 10 hot reasons to take up E-biking!

This Summer, we’ve seen a huge increase in the number of electric bikes coursing along our urban streets, country lanes, tow paths, and trail centres, and there’s no denying that they’ve captured the imagination of the British public, in much the same way as they’ve now become an established part of everyday life in Scandinavia and the Netherlands.

So, what exactly is an E-bike and is it something for all ages or just for older people who maybe have fitness issues? Raleigh UK’s www.raleigh.co.uk Alicia Adcock steers us through the E-bike maze…

1. E-Bikes Ensure Cycling Accessibility

You certainly don’t need to be a keen or accomplished cyclist to enjoy riding an E-bike! E-bikes have made cycling so much more accessible for all age groups - from young, urban commuters to the more mature cyclist looking for extra pedal power to keep up on leisure-time bike rides - and everyone in between!

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2. E-Bikes Give You Added Pedal Power

As the name suggests, an E-bike is an electrically assisted bicycle. With our pedal-assisted E-bikes, as you pedal the bike, the motor provides added power, with a sensor picking up on how much pressure you are applying, then distributing the power. So, it’s your shout on the amount of power assistance that your E-bike provides.

In the UK, legal E-bikes speeds are capped at 15.5 miles per hour so the power assistance cuts off when you reach 15mph.

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3. With E-Bikes Hills & Headwinds just got Easier!

The E-bike experience means your hill-climbing capability just got better and headwinds no longer prove such a hindrance! Overall your cycle ride becomes less taxing and the more challenging terrain becomes less demanding. Make no mistake about it, the E-bike experience is fun!

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4. E-Bikes Still Give you a Workout: Go Further, Faster

With Electric bikes you can still enjoy the various health & fitness benefits associated with cycling, but you can go further and exercise for longerwith an E-bike & because you have the powered assistance you can maximise the available time.

With an E-bike you are generally far more inclined to go for the ride in the first place – there’s less holding you back. As with a stationary exercise bike there’s still a selective effort element, but with the added benefits of getting outdoors too!

The intensity of your workout can vary according to the terrain or how much exertion you are looking for on your E-bike on any given day.

More & more personal trainers are introducing E-Bikes into their clients’ fusion fitness programmes. We find they’re especially good for lunchtime workouts getting you further faster and you’ll arrive back feeling great and still looking good in time for the afternoon’s workload.

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5. Urban E-Bikes Help you to Cut the Commute

Young, urban cyclists are taking to E-bikes to cut the commute & take the sweat out of the journey (literally) and they’re often arriving in the office a little earlier too, having enjoyed an E-workout en-route.

Here’s the Raleigh Array, an E-bike with a distinctly urban look:

Raleigh ebike

6. E-Cycling at Your Leisure

E-Bikes are proving quite an incentive for people to get moving outdoors often at a gentle leisurely pace on country lanes and are fabulous for keeping up with uber- fit friends & family members. The ease of the E-bike means that we’re more likely to opt for a little gentle exercise regularly rather than simply sitting it out at home.

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7. E-Mtbs, For Electrifying Off Road Adventures

If you’re one of life’s thrill seekers, there’s a whole new type of e-bike that’s suited to the spirit of adventure – men & women have taken to mountain bike terrain in their droves on their new generation electric mountain bikes, (e-mtbs) such as the Haibike and Diamondback ranges, reaching new heights and getting to places they’d previously only dreamed of.

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8. Charge for the E-Brigade

The average charge time for today’s E-bike batteries will be around 4 hours or more, depending on the battery type and size. Our E-bikes use lithium battery technology which enables you to just top up your battery charge whenever you like.

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9. E-Biking in Style

As well as quality, reliable technology & high performance, the design of our E-bikes is also important to Raleigh. We’ve taken great care to come up with well-designed solutions to the location of our battery packs, either by integrating them into the panier holders or making them a feature of the frame in others.

If vintage is your style take a look at our elegant, retro- inspired Raleigh E-Spirit

Raleigh E-Spirit:

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10. E-Bikes Are Readily Available

Whereas a few years back not many outlets offered an e-bike and if you were looking for one it often meant that you had to travel quite a distance, even in some urban areas.

The new e-bike revolution has changed all that with E-bikes moving much more into the mainstream. We’d suggest that you visit a Raleigh E-bike dealer to take you through the various options available to help you to find the perfect E-bike for your lifestyle. Visit www.raleigh.co.uk to check out the selection of more than 20 E-bikes in the Raleigh portfolio. And, E-bikes are now included in the Raleigh Bike for Life guarantee!

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Your local Raleigh dealer will ensure that the bike’s exactly the right size for your height & take you through how it works, before setting it up for you so you can get started on your E-bike adventure.

For further information on Raleigh E-bikes and to find your nearest Raleigh E-Bike dealer, visit www.raleigh.co.uk or call 01773 532 694.

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