Make your wedding disco the best ever with these top tips...

Throw the best ever wedding disco

Planning a wedding? Want to know how to throw the best wedding disco ever? Then look no further! Wedding DJ Graham Warren has some useful tips to ensure your disco is the best it can be...

1. Make a suitable playlist

If you’re going to create a playlist make sure it’s suited to the people attending. A professional DJ should be able to judge by the audience what to play and what to leave out.

2. Ask the guests

If you invite people at your wedding to pick a tune on the invitation, you can end up with a really disparate list to hand to the DJ. Unless they are tunes that must be played for a reason then include only the ones that you feel will get people up on the dancefloor.

First dance

3. Share the first dance

If you're shy or nervous about your first dance, ask the DJ to invite everyone to the floor with their partners after a couple of minutes. It makes things easier for the DJ too to have everyone on the floor for the second dance.

4. Think of the elderly!

Make sure you have the elderly people sat away from the disco at the back of the room so the loud music does not spoil the night for them. It’s a good idea to hire a venue with two rooms so those that want to escape the music can.

Elderly couple dancing

5. Stick with popular tunes

Don’t have anything too obscure or heavy played at your wedding disco. It’s likely to clear the dancefloor. Popular lively tunes everyone is familiar with and plenty of party music is always a winner.

6. Choose your venue wisely

A village hall can be a cheaper option than a hotel or pub function room but remember you are responsible for opening up in time for the DJ to set up and clearing up at the end of the night and also waiting until the DJ has cleared his gear from the hall. This can take up to 90 minutes.

Wedding venue

7. Allow time to set up

If you’re getting married in the venue where the disco is taking place it’s a good idea if you ask the DJ if he can set up beforehand so not to disturb the guests, depending on space.

8. Songs for the older ones

Make sure you have a section for the older ones early on in the night. Any Motown, 60’s and 70’s music usually goes down well earlier in the evening. They are less inhibited about getting up on the dancefloor but tend to drift off earlier.

Child dancing

9. Songs for the younger ones

If there are children at the wedding ask the DJ to play a few tunes at the beginning of the evening before the first dance for them.

10. Enjoy yourself!

Have fun, enjoy yourself and don’t worry to much about whether everyone else will enjoy it, they will. It’s soon over!

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