The 10 best Cadbury chocolate bars

Founded in Birmingham 192 years ago in 1824, Cadbury UK Limited manufacture some of the world’s most loved chocolate bars and confectionery products. Did your favourite make it onto our list?

1. Double Decker

The Double Decker first hit shelves in back in 1976 and is made from two distinctive layers; a coffee flavoured nougat on top of chocolate covered cereal crispies. Its name derives from the classic double-decker bus which is sometimes used in its advertisements.

More recently, Cadbury have introduced “Dinky Deckers” to their range which are bite size versions of the original bar – yummy!

Did you know? The original Double Decker had raisins in the base layer which were later removed in the mid-80’s.

2. Crunchie

Without a doubt, the Crunchie is one of the most iconic chocolate bars of all time and has remained a strong family favourite since it was introduced in 1929. Over the years, Cadbury have made several special editions of this honeycomb bar which include lemonade, Tango Orange, bourbon and champagne flavours, none of which have stood the test of time quite like the original version.

The Crunchie range extends to ice cream, cheesecake and bitesize Crunchie Rocks.

Did you know? Cadbury make the honeycomb centre in huge slabs which are then cut into bars using high powered jets of oil. The oil helps to create uniform bars, ready to be covered in chocolate without breaking or dissolving the honeycomb.

3. Dairy Milk

“With a glass and a half of fresh milk” was the original marketing slogan for the Dairy Milk bar when it was first released in 1905. Today, it is still Cadbury’s best selling range, and includes the caramel, fruit & nut and whole nut versions.

Cadbury also have an in-house production company called “Glass And A Half Full Productions” and a record company called “Glass And A Half Full Records” both of which have helped them create some of the most incredible TV adverts in recent years.

Did you know? The 2007 Gorilla drummer advert featuring the Phil Collins classic “In the Air Tonight” has had over 5 million views on YouTube.

4. Time Out

Originally created by Cadbury Ireland in 1992 and one of the few “duo” bars, Time Out consists of milk chocolate ripples sandwiched in-between two layers of wafer.

Did you know? Unfortunately, in 2016 Cadbury announced that Time Out would be discontinued due to poor sales. RIP Time Out!

5. Picnic

In 1958, Cadbury launched the Picnic. A combination of peanuts, nougat, caramel, biscuit, puffed rice and raisins, it is also available in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, New York City, India, Ireland, Russia, Ukraine and South Africa (where is is known as the “Lunch-Bar”). Special editions have also included honeycomb pieces, biscuit pieces, mini marshmallows and almonds!

Did you know? One advertising slogan for the Picnic described it as being “Deliciously ugly”.

6. Flake

Another of Cadbury’s most loved chocolate bars, the Flake was created almost by accident when an employee noticed excess chocolate spilling out of the moulds which subsequently cooled into flaky bars.

Apart from the original bars, the Flake is used in 99 Flakes (the ice-cream van staple), Macdonalds’ McFlurrys and has been released in dark, white, truffle, praline, orange and mint flavours!

Did you know? In 1970, one of “The Flake Girl” adverts was taken off the air after complaints were made about the suggestive manner in which the Flake was being eaten.

7. Wispa

First released in 1981, the Wispa was initially launched as a rival to Nestle’s Aero Bar. Cadbury discontinued the bar in 2003 when they went through a re brand and launched the Dairy Milk Bubbly in its place.

After several internet campaigns and online petitions the Wispa made a permanent comeback in 2008 after an initial limited period.

Did you know? The bubbles in Wispa are formed by aerating melted chocolate with gas which then causes bubbles to form and expand as it cools.

8. Twirl

Another of Cadbury’s “duo” bars, the Twirl is made up of two Flake bars covered in chocolate. Launched in the early 1970’s, Cadbury have recently released Twirl Bites as part of their minis range. To this day, it remains one of Cadbury’s best selling bars!

Did you know? The Twirl was originally released as just one bar until it was repackaged in 1984 when they added another.

9. Curly Wurly

A firm favourite amongst Cadbury chocolate lovers, the Curly Wurly has been in production in the UK since 1970 which they describe as a chewy caramel ladder draped in milk chocolate.

Versions of the Curly Wurly have been released in several other countries under different names. In France, they call it “3 Mousquetaires” and in Canada it’s known as the “Wig Wag”.

Did you know? The Curly Wurly was created by one of the Bournville factory’s longest serving researchers after he was experimenting with excess toffee from another bar.

10. Creme Egg

With annual sales of 200 million, we couldn’t leave out this seasonal favourite! First introduced in 1963, the Creme Egg is available annually in the UK between New Year’s Day and Easter Day. They are made in two halves, which are both filled with the white and yellow fondants, joined together and then cooled to create the whole egg.

The Creme Egg has been marketed through some of Cadbury’s most popular advertisingcampaigns including “How do you eat yours?”

Did you know? In just 24 hours, Cadbury’s can produce 1.2 million Creme Eggs!

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