Top 10 mobile gaming apps

Top 10 mobile gaming apps

2016 has been yet another amazing year for mobile gaming apps. So whether you were taking your first steps into the world of augmented reality, or just kicking back with the latest mobile slots game, here’s the top ten mobile gaming apps that helped make 2016 such a memorable year...

1. Pokémon Go

There’s no doubt that the renaissance of Pokémon was the biggest gaming news story of the year, as the Pokémon Go title has already enjoyed well over 550 million downloads. But it’s the way that the use of augmented reality indicates the new future of gaming that could have endless possibilities whether you were playing a shoot-em-up, mobile slots or just collecting those Pokémons!

2. Clash Royale

This is just one of many collectible card games, but the reason why Clash Royale still reigns supreme is the intense multiplayer action, exciting tournaments and tough strategic challenges that kept many gamers glued to their smartphones throughout 2016.

3. Angry Birds 2

This sequel to one of the biggest mobile games of all time certainly didn’t let its fans down with upgraded graphics, challenging multi-stage levels, and the endlessly fun way to fling your birds to fill up the Destruct-O-Meter!

4. Siberian Storm slots

Another classic genre that was revisited in 2016 was slots gaming. And thankfully LadyLucks were onto a real winner with their Siberian Storm slots game that featured in their latest review and promises beautiful imagery and a massive payout percentage.

5. Taps to Riches

This awesome title gave gamers the task of building their very own empire with plenty of ways to invest in businesses and create cities - the addition of funny advisors was a great touch too!

6. Pineapple Pen

OK so it might not be quite as complex as those mobile slots games, but if you’re into the idea of merely sticking a pen into a pineapple, this was definitely the game for you. Fun, weird and massively addictive!

7. Rolling Sky

Reaction games don’t come much better than Rolling Sky with its one-touch control, fast-paced fun and crazy 3D imagery making this one of the best games of 2016.

8. Piano Tiles 2

600 million people happily tapped their way to musical gaming heaven with this great little title that showed that we can all listen to music in a much more gamer-friendly way.

9. Roblox

This cute massively multiplayer online game became a huge hit with younger gamers as they roamed an infinite universe that was filled with endless challenges from space exploration to prehistoric action.


And finally this free game captured the headlines thanks to the gobbling antics of the weird snakes that showed that it’s not just mobile slots that are massively entertaining!

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