Top 10 office trends of the future

top 10 office trends of the future

Making Moves - the office relocations specialists has analysed 500 businesses to unveil the top 10 trends for the office of the future.

The research shows that Table Football, slides and impractical furniture is the biggest no-no’s, whilst barista house coffee and bleacher style seating are on the increase.

Surprisingly, a ‘no shoes’ policy, encouraging clients and staff to take their shoes off at the front door is becoming a popular trend. Championed by renowned architect Amanda Levete, the no shoes rule inspires a more relaxed atmosphere and also helps keep carpets cleaner!

1. Bleacher style seating

2. No shoes (no, seriously)

3. In-house Pizzeria

4. Yoga room + plunge pool

5. Breakfast bar, on wheels

6. In-house Barista bar

7. Outdoors on the Indoors

8. Adjustable, movable and standing desks

9. Activity based technology

10. Digital collaborative technology

Dropping down the wish list includes uncomfortable and impractical designer furniture and the office slide (sad times). Other less inspiring office additions include:

1. Sleep Pods

2. Pool tables, Football tables, Table tennis tables

3. Game consoles area

4. Cinema Rooms

5. The beer fridge (we need some diversity, desk side wine cooler anyone?)

6. Executive offices

7. Whiteboards/flip charts

8. Bean bags

9. Walls full of lever arch files

10. Desk phones

Tobi Crosbie, founder of Making Moves said: “Whilst no shoes and in-house baristas might sound bizarre, it is far more commonplace than you’d expect. Following the many trend reports that discuss a happy office being a productive office, we are genuinely seeing significant changes to the office interior dynamic in a bid to make the office environment a more communal, innovative and friendly space.”

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