The summer holidays have arrived, and many parents across the country are thinking: “OMG!”. Whether that be “OMG! I need to entertain my children 24/7 for seven weeks straight,” or “OMG! I need to somehow juggle work and arrange childcare over seven weeks,”. Either way, OMG!

Baby laughs

Exciting times ahead! Being a mum/dad for the first time is both wonderful and, let's face it, a bit scary! We asked 10 mums and dads for one piece of golden advice... 

Preparing your child for their first day at school

Starting school is the first major life event for many young children and a milestone that will naturally create nerves amongst children, and often parents, on the first day. Hundreds of thousands of children will be starting their academic journeys this September, and research shows that anxiety is apparent in young children, with 5% suffering from school phobia or school refusal (refusing to go to school).