10 expeditions that'll blow the cruise stereotype out of the water

Not all cruises are Europe based, we've picked ten of our favourite cruises which visit some very exotic destinations...

1. Alaskan & Canadian Discovery

A chance to embark on an enchanting trip from Vancouver, Canada, to Juneau in the American state of Alaska. A boundary between the two, the astonishing Hubbard Glacier is a fascinating spectacle. Estimated to be almost 400 years old in parts, some of the icebergs that break off are the size of a ten storey house. A definite must for the camera.

2. Antarctica, the Polar Circle and beyond

Board the MS Roald Amundsen in its maiden season and follow in the footsteps of the vessel’s famous explorer namesake, the first man to explore the South Pole. Setting out from Chile, the expedition will make a first stop at Cape Horn on the southern tip of South America, before sailing on to the Antarctic and visiting the Falkland Islands. Keen photographers can snap away at an abundance of wildlife that includes penguins and seals, while whales and the wandering albatross are also frequently spotted.    

3. Cuba and Mayan Mexico

The cruise starts and finishes at Havana, capital of Cuba, a country that has recently become accessible to western tourists. From there, the boat meanders across to Mexico to investigate and shed light on the fascinating Mayan civilisation, perhaps the least known of the three main indigenous peoples of South America.

4. Dalmatia and Ancient Greece.

Twisting its way from Venice across the Adriatic Sea to parts of modern day Croatia, this cruise takes in more than two thousand years of history as it samples the delights of Ancient Greece.

5. Galapagos Islands

A must for those who love nature, this intimate island hopping cruise offers a chance to visit the Galapagos, one of the last places on earth where wildlife outnumbers humans. On board, Galapagos Park certified naturalists are also on hand to provide expert advice and information.

6. Greenland

A no-fly cruise that transports guests from Southampton to the islands of the North Atlantic. Stopping at Stornaway, this expedition heads across northern waters to take in the delights of both Iceland and Greenland. Lying on the edge of tectonic plates, both of these lands are full of cold and heat, welcoming fascinating encounters with both spectacular volcanoes and geothermal pools.

7. New York to Quebec

Whisking guests from the hustle and bustle of New York, this cruise passes through the small Provincetown in Massachusetts, a base for early settlers from Europe, before stopping at contemporary Boston and finishing in historic Quebec.

8. Northern Lights and solar eclipses

Witness the dazzling and bewitching Northern Lights by boat and marvel at the ribbons of coloured light that stroke their rhythmic way across the night sky. Onboard experts will also seek to get in the right location for a solar eclipse, a passage of the moon that briefly obscures the sun from the earth.

9. Secular and Sacred

A cruise around the Mediterranean that starts and ends at the Sacred City of Rome, taking in historical islands and mainland sites including Naples and Sicily, Haifa in Israel and Limassol in Cyprus. The ship also visits the western Mediterranean island of Malta, home to the Knights Hospitaller from just after the crusades to well into the Victorian era.

10. Ultimate Glaciers and Fjords

Many associate Fjords with Norway, but this cruise from Vancouver up the coast to Alaska offers passengers a chance to enjoy the marvellous scenery of towering glaciers, azure blue seas, and seals basking on the ice. Explorers may also be lucky enough to witness the process of calving, where icebergs part from their enormous glaciers.

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