10 most instagrammable Greek islands revealed

With its sparking blue seas, iconic white-washed villages and sunsets to die for, it’s no surprise that the Greek Islands are some of the most Instagram-ed places in the world. For avid photographers and aspiring travel bloggers, CV Villas has scoured social media to reveal the most ‘Instagrammable’ islands that Greece has to offer, so you can take your next trip safe in the knowledge that you’ll be capturing the most beautiful, envy-inspiring pictures.

1. Santorini - 3,037,736 posts

Any Instagrammer worth their salt has to have a shot of the iconic blue-topped domed buildings of Oia on their grid. The small town in Santorini has become a social media sensation, so it’s no surprise that the island as a whole has come out top as the most Instagrammed of them all.

2. Crete - 2,129,899 posts

The largest of the Greek Islands, Crete offers a wealth of experiences and activities – it’s variety might be why it’s at the number two spot for the most Instagrammable. Along with the classic beaches with crystal seas and tucked away tavernas in quaint fishing villages, Crete also boasts a stunning national park, Samariá Gorge. Here you can snap impressive photos of the rock formations, rivers and stunning views.

3. Mykonos - 2,051,158 posts

Foodies and night owls will love the island of Mykonos. Famed for being a celebrity hangout for decades, it offers glitzy bars and clubs paired with authentic restaurants and tavernas. Snaps of secluded hang out spots overlooking the bright blue sea are a must if you visit.

4. Rhodes - 973,176 posts

History buffs will love Rhodes, the Old Town offers a taste of medieval life with its impressively preserved castle. The town of Lindos is also a great spot to visit, it’s rustic buildings, winding lanes and beautiful beach provides many great photo opportunities to truly capture the spirit of the island.

5. Corfu - 861,734 posts

If you’re a fan of the TV show ‘The Durrells’ you might have already been inspired to visit the gorgeous Greek island of Corfu. However, if you need any more convincing then Palaiokastritsa beach is it. It’s highly regarded as one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece, so there’s no surprise that Instagrammers flock to it.

6. Zante - 600,907 posts

Another famous Instagram shot that can be snapped on a Greek island is of Navagio beach – known to many as ‘shipwreck beach’. This stunning cove, with its electric blue seas and atmospheric ship wreck, has become a hub photographers and sun-seekers alike.

7. Paros - 321,047 posts

If an archetypal Greek island is what you are looking for, then Paros is your one. The white buildings with accents of blue, authentic fishing harbours and peaceful villages are perfect for those looking for a relaxed slice of Greek life.

8. Kefalonia - 273,087 posts

Famed for being the filming location of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Kefalonia is an island with a wealth of varied sights to see (and photograph!). Not just a place with glorious, picture-perfect beaches – you’ll also find jaw-dropping caves and coves to explore. Melissani Cave is the most famous, you can take boat tours out to get a truly awesome perspective.

9. Naxos - 251,286 posts

Naxos has the winning combination of impressive coastlines and fantastic local cuisine. After a day of lounging on the beach in the sunshine, you can spend your evenings sampling the local cheeses and sip on ‘kitron’, the island’s citron liqueur. Ideal for aspiring food bloggers.

10. Skiathos - 231,386 posts

If you’re counting down the days until the sequel to Mamma Mia comes out, take a trip to Skiathos to get your very own fix of the romantic hit. The famous wedding scene was shot on the island and you can visit the chapel itself which is perched on top of a picturesque rock on the northern coast of the island.

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