10 must visit surf locations

best places to surf

The feeling of walking on water, with adrenaline racing through your body, making you feel alive is a feeling only a surfer would know. 

Why not join the 20 million other surfers in the top 10 locations around the world?

British surfing champion and founder of Yakwax, Johnny Wallbridge shares his secrets for the MUST GO TO surfing destinations around the world. 

1. Fistral Beach, Newquay   

fistral beach 

In England’s southwestern tip lies the County of Cornwell with Fistral Beach in Newquay offering a vibrant party scene and providing waves for surfers of all abilities. With the nearby amenities catering to families, it is appealing to those with adventurous and daring children who are keen learners. Offering guidance for beginners and pros, Fistral Beach surf school lessons start at £35 for children and £80 for adults, with all equipment included! 

2. Sennen Cove, Penzance

Sennen Cove, Penzance 

An hour down the coast is Sennen Cove in Penzance which provides the most consistent beaches with a calming feel. It's pure location is shown with its clear oceans and nothing but the waves crashing and the seagulls squawking. The high exposure of the beach allows passers-by to admire the mind-blowing views which Sennen Cove has to offer. Its waves are rougher compared to Newquay making it more appealable to intermediate surfers, although there is a surfing school on site.

3. Scotland  


Fancy surfing all day? Johnny’s last UK based suggestion is in bonny Scotland with the longest recorded daylight hours allowing keen surfers to get their adrenaline rush all day. Strong waves reaching up to a height of 15ft means the location is better suited for more advanced surfers. This location is a solid swell, bringing in waves from around the world.

4. North Shore of Hawaii    


Leaving the UK and flying 16 hours to Hawaii is where you’ll find the North Shore, the home of challenging surf. The beautiful landscape of North Shore’s 7-mile-long beach provides everyone with a sense of livelihood and is in close proximity to resorts. Each season offers different conditions so that all abilities have their time to shine. With the summer waves being small and gentle, beginners can enjoy the waves at ease. Further down the year, in winter, 30ft waves are recorded, enabling confident surfers to ride the waves and test their skills

5. Bells Beach, Melbourne

Bells Beach, Melbourne 

Australia is home to several surfing spots due to its lengthy coastline of 50,000KM. Bells Beach, 100KM of Melbourne, hosts the Rip Curl Pro Surfing Competition every year at Easter. It is the place to be with the buzz of the competition that suck you in to the scene without even realising. With the backdrop of the cliffs looking surreal and the height of the waves being amplified with the large southern ocean swells, this legendary coastline is a must for any serious surfer.

6. Jeffery Bay, South Africa


If you’re in need of leg burning long rides, Jeffery Bay in South Africa is the perfect place to be due to waves being rideable for a breathtaking 800m! It is a place, which offers waves of all heights and shape so are accommodating to intermediates and professionals. Try and put the thought of sharks out of your mind in this area of the world, you don’t want anything to interrupt the joy of surfing one of the greatest waves on the planet.

7. Hossegor, France    


Hossegor in France is an all year-round surfing destination, with constant swells from the west coast and the months catering to different needs. Long beaches with beautiful weather makes Hossegor a popular location for both spectators and participants. Summer in Hossegor accommodates many tourists and this is the time where small but consistent waves are presented, providing an easy start for tourists with an interest to try surfing. As the year slowly comes to an end, the weather still provides perfect surfing conditions, but this time for more advanced surfers. It is said that this is one of the best times to enjoy the waves as the beach is quieter and the waves are much bigger, giving the surfers an insight to the winter’s rawness.

8. Bali  


Bali is known for its Jaw dropping scenery including its clear blue sea and the pure sand. With wave heights ranging from 2ft to 6ft, Bali’s water is perfect for surfers of all levels. Even on crowded beach days, there are more than enough surfing spots, all of which provide consistent powerful waves. To make the most of the Indonesian surf, visit between April and August, this is also the dry season. 

9. Montanita Beach, Ecuador


Montanita Beach in Ecuador is well known for luring in surfers to enjoy the consistent waves that the sea provides. The excellent tubes given off even test the most advanced surfers amongst us. Montanita surfers carry on until the early hours of the morning given that they have access to nightlife all throughout the streets, perfect for young surfers looking for a good time. As well as being a part of a global surfing association, Montanita holds its own carnival celebrations, including their own surfing competitions.

10. Tofino, Canada 

surfing in canada 

Canada is not stereotypically well-known for surfing, however, it has recently unveiled that Tofino is a new must, due to it becoming the country’s first and only surfing city. The waves are perfect for beginners due to the small height and warm water. Several surf schools have launched giving newcomers a chance to develop their skills. Further out in the ocean is where you would find the advanced surfers, fishing out the swells to create waves as big as 15ft. Tofino’s surf camp also includes other activities such as yoga classes and hikes, making the suitable for everyone and a ‘definite’ on the to do list!

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