10 secret hidden beaches in Tenerife

10 secret hidden beaches in Tenerife

Shhh… this is top secret information!

Tenerife is, as we all know, a hugely popular holiday destination. So much so that it can be rather difficult to find a bit of peace and quiet. Particularly in high season, beaches in the main resort destinations are absolutely teeming with tourists from all over Europe and beyond, all vying for a clear spot of sand on which to spread their towel.

Luckily for you, however, you’re getting the inside scoop from the team at Cheap Holidays Tenerife. We love giving you exclusive tips to help make the most of your holiday (as well as those fab discounts we offer!) – so here’s our guide to the top beaches to visit on the island where you can spread yourself out and relax!

1. Mesa Del Mar

On the coast of Tacoronte, you’ll find this hidden gem of a beach blessed with calm waters, and the natural black volcanic sand for which Tenerife is famous. Mesa del Mar is a sheltered bay, far away from the main tourist trail.

You’ll have to park in the village and take a walk through a tunnel that leads out to the beach, but once you get there, you’ll have plenty of space to do your own thing.

There’s a cafe backing onto the beach, and a bit further in at the nearby camp site, you’ll also find a restaurant.

2. El Puertito

Situated just outside Armeñime, El Puertito is a picturesque bay in a small fishing village. It’s very traditional Tenerife – a great opportunity to experience authentic Canarian culture.

One of the things that the team at Cheap Holidays Tenerife love most about El Puertito is the coloured fishing boats bobbing on the waves, and there’s also a good fish restaurant close to the beach. There are other cafes and restaurants to choose from, too.

3. Bollullo

Playa Bollullo is located on the north coast of Tenerife, in the valleys of Orotava. Surrounded by stunning steep cliffs, the beauty of Playa Bollullo is worth the substantial trek to reach. Once you get there, however, you’ll find a wide stretch of dark sand, frothy white waves breaking on the shore. There is just one restaurant, and it’s situated right on the beach, and it’s pretty awesome as beach restaurants go!

4. El Socorro

Outside Puerto de la Cruz, on the way to San Juan de la Rambla, El Socorro offers great surfing conditions for those who like to hit the waves. Perhaps not as secluded as some of the other beaches on this list, El Socorro is nonetheless pretty well-appointed. It’s a nice halfway house between total seclusion and a bit of typical Tenerife fun. The restaurant on the beach offers yummy tapas and great fish dishes, with its dining room jutting out right over the sea!

5. Masca

Backed by high cliffs sits the calm and eerily quiet Playa Masca. There’s scarcely an interruption, only perhaps from the boat that comes in from Los Gigantes. But if total isolation is what you’re craving, then you’ve come to the right place. But all that peace comes with one downside: the trek! It’s three hours’ walk from Barranco, or, alternatively, take the boat from Los Gigantes. There’s also not much in the way of facilities once you get there, either. So you’ll probably want to pack a picnic… and don’t forget plenty of water.

6. Playa de la Arena

Much less isolated, Playa de la Arena is just beside the Buenavista Golf Course… so plenty of nearby free parking. There are also plenty of places to grab a bite to eat (try the seafood restaurant!), as well as cold drinks and snacks. Kids will love it here thanks to the rock pools stretching out from the pebbled cove, and if you bring a body board, children will be entertained for hours, giving you a welcome break!

7. Playa Los Guios

It’s only a pocket sized beach and the sea can get quite lively but it has one huge plus in its favour. The 500 metre high cliffs of Los Gigantes make it a stunning place to lay your towel.

There’s no forgetting you’re on an exotic, volcanic island, the dark, gritty sand is a constant reminder and the amazing contours of the cliff face will fascinate you. At the base of the cliffs you can pick out natural caves that go back quite a way into the rock, these were used by smugglers and pirates. There is a toilet block and outside showers but that’s about it for the beach facilities, however there are some nice little cafes on the approach road just a few yards away.

8. Playa la Pinta

Often overlooked for its bigger neighbours which is a shame as it’s a wonderful family friendly beach where everything is in easy reach. The main access is down from San Eugenio, and Puerto Colon marina next door compliments it well with a vast range of water based sports and excursions.

It has to be one of the safest beaches in Tenerife, the rocky sides embrace it and the marina wall offers further protection so there are seldom more than a few ripples. The soft sand beach shelves gently into the water and there is an inflatable play park moored in the shallow water at the marina end. If you want food or drink the bars and restaurants are separated from the sand by a narrow promenade. The backdrops not too shabby either, the mountains of Adeje rising high in the background make a great setting.

9. Playa Ajabo

Callao Salvaje had been crying out for a welcoming, modern beach to attract families and what a transformation from a rough basic cove to a well serviced, attractive beach with a great café restaurant. New sand was brought in, steel wire netting was draped to prevent the high sides from crumbling, and a concrete quay was added for small boats to moor up and swimmers to ease into the open sea.

It’s a very rugged stretch of coast and that is part of its charm and the new look beach manages to keep much of its original character. Some of the rounded rocks have been left to protrude through the sand and make natural prop up points, ideal for reading your book.

Playa Ajabo is not immediately obvious from the main bus stop at the bottom of the access road, take the pathway down from there or go down further into the main shopping street and turn left.

10. Playa Las Caletillas

If you go to Candelaria to admire the Basilica and Guanche statues you will only see a narrow shingle beach that is often closed off due to the rough sea. Just a short walk to the north you will find the bright, modern area of Las Caletillas where they have recently created a couple of protected beaches with imported yellow sand and a long wide promenade.

A lot of thought has gone into the layout, the promenade has metal handrails, drinking water fountains, and steps down at intervals to the two beaches. Both beaches are embraced by a break water that keeps the big waves on this headland at bay. Within the two areas wooden decking, and new showers ensure comfort and there are sun beds spread into secluded areas for some privacy.

The views up and down the mainly undeveloped coast gives a timeless feel but across the road a strip of neat cafes and bars mean you can be well fed and watered. The week is the best time to go as at weekends many people make the 20-minute journey down from Santa Cruz to enjoy time off work and school.

So, you see, it’s not all about action, action, action on the island of Tenerife. There are still plenty of places to get away from it all and enjoy some uninterrupted ‘me’ time.

At Cheap Holidays Tenerife, we’re always on the lookout for unique and unusual spots to spend your holiday. We know everybody’s different, and our Tenerife holidays are designed to offer a variety of different options to suit all tastes… and all for some of the best prices on the market!

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