10 tips for stress-free travel

High levels of stress can worsen your jet lag and even make you ill - the most common way to ruin a holiday! Gran Canaria Wellness invites you to start your wellness break as you mean to go on, with their expert tips on how to make travelling as easy as a cool, sea breeze…  

1. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

keep hydrated 

Dehydration can heighten feelings of anxiety, headaches and mood swings meaning that your fluid intake is essential to a comfortable flight. Supercharge your intake by switching your H2O for coconut water and get in the holiday mood whilst benefiting from the naturally occurring electrolytes, which provide a serious hydration hit. Coconut water contains more potassium than four bananas which helps keep stress levels down, making it the perfect option to keep you hydrated all flight long. 

2. Calm skin, calm mind

Face mask 

Travel can wreak havoc with your skin, causing dry patches, breakouts or excess oil production due to the recirculated air in the aeroplane which is completely moisture-free. The air draws moisture away from anywhere it can, including your skin so it is essential to give your skin a boost mid-flight to combat the drying conditions. Use an intensive serum with hyaluronic acid, an ingredient which holds 1000 times its weight in water, for a concentrated dose of moisture. Apply SPF to the face before stepping off the flight to protect the complexion from UVA and UVB rays too. 

3. Treat yourself to a spa treatment

spa treatment 

The stress of travelling slips away if you have something soothing to look forward to when you land. The Cordial Anti Stress treatment (90 minutes, €126) at Apartamentos Cordial Mogán Valle, Gran Canaria aims to calm you down and heighten the body’s natural defences with soothing aromas. Massage is an amazing way of relieving stress as the human touch releases oxytocin, the hormone that counteracts stress and encourages feelings of trust and bonding.

4. Let yourself drift off… 

Sleeping is one of the simplest ways to relax in-flight, making your journey feel shorter and ensuring tired mood swings don’t occur. If you don’t naturally feel sleepy on the plane, avoid looking at electronic screens for too long as these can supress melatonin – the sleep hormone. You should also uncross your legs, as this restricts blood flow and puts pressure on the spine. 

5. Vitamin De-stress 


Once you’ve landed, it’s time to let go of those stressful feelings so you can let your holiday begin. If you’re lucky enough to arrive in daylight, taking a brisk walk in the sunshine can get your heart-rate up whilst you soak up some vitamin D. Vitamin D can help you manage stress levels and anxiety as it is thought to reduce cortisol, whilst a walk will help you get your bearings.

6. Plan your packing 

There’s no point throwing it all in a bag and hoping for the best. Do a little research on your destination, including how warm it will be at morning and night and what shops will be nearby in case you forget something. Knowing what you’re preparing for not only makes the packing process easier, but it prevents mini-meltdowns during your holiday time!

7. Mindful meals

eating out 

As soon as the airport is in sight, it can be all too tempting to throw our normal eating habits out the  window and reach for ‘holiday’ foods. Whilst delicious meals are one of the best parts of holidaying, over-indulging on the wrong things can affect your mood and energy levels. Try to keep up your 5 a day and maintain some of your normal routines so you don’t throw your body off too suddenly and make yourself unwell.

8. Quiet time

There’s nothing like time alone to bring you and your travel companion closer together… right? You don’t need to talk throughout your entire journey or live in each other’s pockets during your trip -give your fellow traveller some time and space and you may find that you’re both more chilled-out as a result. 

9. Hey, big spender! 

None of us want to be counting our pennies on the final day of our trip. Avoid a budget blowout by allocating yourself a daily allowance, and load extra money onto a traveller’s bank card in case of emergencies.

10. Don’t forget…


Reaching into your bag and not being able to find your passport/boarding pass/currency is one of the heart-stopping moments we’ve all experienced, if only for a few seconds. Keep a separate, zipped-up bag within your ordinary bag so that all your most crucial items are safe and in one place. It will save you those mini heart palpitations, and maybe even a screeching journey back home to get them.

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