10 drinks for this St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day not only celebrates everything Irish, it is also an excuse to spend your day drinking Green Beer and Guinness.

We decided to take a look at an alternative to these traditional beverages and put a spin on some classic cocktails that are the perfect way to celebrate St. Patrick's day. 


1. Leprechaun's Kiss 


This fun cocktail not only looks amazing but also tastes fab with it's mix of Blue Curacao, orange juice and vodka. Get the recipe here.


2. The Irish Mule 

This refreshing cocktail is blended with a mix of lime, ginger beer and whiskey. Recipe here. 


3. Irish Flag Shot

This little shot mimics the Irish flag, made up of Irish Cream, and Licor 43 amongst other things. Find the recipe here.


4. Misty Mint Cocktail

This one tastes just as good as its name sounds, a blend of mint, rum and creme de menthe. Recipe here. 


5. Guinness Black Magic Cocktail 

This cocktail adds a spin to the classic St Patrick's Day beverage. Not for the fainthearted a mix of bourbon, Guinness and blackberries. Recipe here. 


6. Mint Chocolate Chip Baileys Milkshake


This one does exactly what is says on the tin. A smooth blend of Baileys and ice cream, what more could you want? Recipe here.


7. Shamrock Juice Cocktail 

This green cocktail is definitely one to remember. A strong mix of gin, rum, tequila, the list goes on. Recipe here.


8. Irish Coffee


We couldn't have a list of our top 10 without the classic Irish coffee. Whiskey, cream, coffee, the perfect blend. Recipe here. 


9. Non-alcoholic St. Patrick's Day Juice

For those of you that prefer a non-alcoholic drink, this is the perfect choice. A refreshing mix of apple and cucumber with that iconic colour. Recipe here. 


10. St. Patrick's Day Floats


Finally here is a fun themed non-alcoholic drink to make with the kids. Lemonade, lime and ice cream! Get the recipe here. 

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