10 fun facts about The Mayhew Animal Home

10 fun facts about The Mayhew Animal Home

As The Mayhew Animal Home celebrates its 130 year anniversary this year, here are 10 fun facts that many people might be surprised to learn about The Home...

1. The founding of The Home

The Mayhew Animal Home was founded in 1886 as 'The Home for Starving and Deserted Cats' by the West London Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. In 1889 a permanent home was built thanks to the generosity of the Reverend Thomas Evans, a local clergyman, at a cost of £1,200.

2. Name change

In 1904 The Home is renamed 'The Mayhew Animal Home' in honour of its first superintendent, Anne Mayhew.

10 fun facts about The Mayhew Animal Home

3. Rehoming

The Mayhew take in and look after hundreds of unwanted and neglected animals every year, rehoming them with responsible and caring owners. They keep dogs and cats in their care until they are rehomed, for as long as it takes. In 2015 they rehomed 542 cats and dogs, helped over 1,300 animals in the community, microchipped 1,243 animals, and neutered 2,062 animals.

4. Microchipping

The Mayhew microchips and neuters all dogs and cats before rehoming them. Not only does neutering improve your pets' health by reducing or eliminating risks of certain cancers and other diseases. Your pet is also less likely to develop unwanted behaviours such as roaming, spraying and fighting with other dogs or cats. The Mayhew believes that microchipping your pet is vital and is the safest way to ensure that your pet can always get back to you when lost.

10 fun facts about The Mayhew Animal Home

5. Going International

The Mayhew also works overseas. Mayhew International works in countries including Afghanistan, Georgia, India, Nepal and Russia tackling the cat and dog overpopulation crisis. In 2006 Mayhew International initiated the 'International Vet Training Programme' providing intensive training for overseas vets interested in addressing dog and cat welfare issues. They also provide neutering and rabies vaccination programmes and have carried out Afghanistan's first dog survey, surveying street dogs for a rabies vaccination programme.

6. TheraPaws

In 2012 The Mayhew's TheraPaws initiative was launched. The programme takes volunteers and their dogs into hospitals, hospices, care homes and day centres across North and West London to engage with older people, particularly with dementia, encouraging social interaction to promote emotional and physical wellbeing. At present 75 volunteers and 50 dogs visit 43 different places across 11 London boroughs including Brent and Westminster.

7. Dependant on volunteers

At The Mayhew they rely on over 1,000 hours of volunteer time per month and have just under 300 enthusiastic volunteers who carry out a variety of important roles for the charity, including walking and socialising with dogs, cleaning cat cabins, and fundraising at events.

10 fun facts about The Mayhew Animal Home

8. Journey to Freedom

In November last year The Mayhew launched their Journey to Freedom appeal and raised over £6,800 to help Mayhew International care for three female orphaned Georgian bear cubs, Georgia, Mollie and Louisa, found in the aftermath of the floods in Tbilisi. The appeal helped them to embark upon a 1,700 mile journey to freedom and they are now settled into their new home in Northern Greece.

9. The vet clinic

The Mayhew launched their vet clinic in 2006. They later opened their newly expanded vet clinic in April 2016, which offers training to UK and overseas vets. The clinic expansion, named The Jeanne Marchig Veterinary Suite and Training Wing, has two new operating theatres, enabling them to expand community animal welfare programmes and offer more capacity for free and low cost neutering, vaccinations and microchipping.

10. Sponsors

The Mayhew fund and sponsor the Animal Birth Control and vaccination programme with HOPE & Animal Trust in Ranchi, India, and they neutered and vaccinated the 50,000th dog on April 21st 2016.

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