10 Halloween costumes you can throw together at home

Cat halloween outfit

1. Black cat

One for the women! If you've got some eye liner in your make-up bag then use a small amount to paint three whiskers on each cheek. You can also make a black tail using a piece of loose black material (an old t-shirt). Cut it and shape it so it resembles a tail and attach it to the back of your trousers. If you happen to have a head band tucked away in a drawer, add your own DIY ears using black felt or paper cut into triangles – it's as easy as that! Put on a pair of black jeans or leggings, a long sleeve black top and you're all set to go! You can even wear a cute little black bow tie as a cute cat collar.

Devil halloween outfit

2. Devil

Go through your wardrobe and find every red item of clothing that you own. This can be a dress, trousers, leggings, playsuit, jumpsuit etc. Apply some bright red lipstick, paint your nails red and if you have some, slip into a pair of red high heel shoes. A devil wouldn't be a devil without a pitch fork, which can be purchased from your local supermarket or fancy dress shop which will stock all kinds of costume props at this time of year. You may also want to purchase a set of horns and a red devil tail to attach to your outfit - accessorising your outfit will be a great deal cheaper than buying the whole thing brand new.

Witch halloween outfit

3. Witch

Got some green face paint? A bin bag? A broom? A pair of stripy socks? Then you've pretty much got yourself a witch costume! The bin bag will make a cape, and the green paint is for your face and hands (and any other visible flesh). Cut open a bin bag and secure it to your shoulders so it hangs like a cape. You can wear any black clothing, however we'd recommend a black skirt or dress with some frills or netting. Back-comb your hair until it's extremely voluminous and slightly messy. Hold it in place with a generous amount of hairspray. If you'd like a pointy black hat, this can be purchased from fancy dress shop or supermarket and won't cost a bomb – or make your own, by folding a large piece of black paper into a cone shape, and attaching a strap which can sit under your chin to hold the hat in place.

Robber Halloween outfit

4. Robber

Essentials you'll need for this are: black woolly hat, black and white horizontal striped top, black jeans or leggings, black gloves, and a pair of black and white trainers (either black or white will do). Most robbers tend to cover their faces, but you can either paint on a black eye mask or cut some eye holes into an old black woolly hat. You could also throw together your own swag-bag for the full robber effect or carry around some fake chunky gold jewellery.

Mummy Halloween outfit

5. Mummy

You'll need toilet roll or white bandages, and plenty of it! Wrap toilet roll around every party of your body until you resemble a mummy. Ensure you leave some air holes around the mouth and nose, and a gap across your eyes as you'll need to see where you're going. Safety first!

Vampire halloween outfit

6. Vampire

Red lipstick and/or red body paint will come in handy here – plus some dark eye make-up. Apply plenty of red lipstick to your lips, and then smudge some red body paint from each corner of your mouth down your chin – or allow it to dribble down for a more accurate 'blood drip' effect. If you'd like some fangs, then these can be purchased from most supermarkets/fancy dress shops. If you're a male vampire, then a white shirt, black trousers, bow-tie and cape made from a black bin bag will be the perfect outfit. If you're a female vampire, then dig out a pair of fishnet stockings, throw on a black dress or top/skirt combo and wear long black gloves.

Ghost halloween outfit

7. Ghost

All you need to be a ghost is a white bed sheet with some eye holes cut out. It's really that simple...

Grim reaper halloween outfit

8. Grim reaper

Another simple costume to put together is the grim reaper. Find an old black sheet and drape it over your head and body, ensuring you have a large hood which covers your face relatively well. You can always paint your face a darker shade to make it blend in a bit more, or purchase a cheap skull mask. Tie the sheet around the waist with a belt or rope, or pin together to secure in place. All Grim Reapers need a scythe (crop cutter) – if you have an old wooden broom pole, attach a long blade-like shape to one end. This can be made from aluminium foil and secured with glue or tape.

Dead schoolgirl outfit

9. Dead schoolboy/girl

Whether you're a boy or girl – dig out an old white shirt and rip the edges / cut some holes in it. Throw on a tie and some school trousers or a skirt, and the usual shoes and socks combo. If you have some red body paint, spatter some of this across your clothing and on your face/skin to create the 'dead' look. Add some dark make up around your eyes and give it a good smudge, then throw together a messy hairstyle. Done!

Zombie halloween outfit

10. Zombie

This costume isn't too dissimilar to the dead schoolboy/girl outfit above. The only difference here is you don't have to wear school clothing – you can wear whatever you like! Tear up some old scruffy items of clothing and add some holes and red spatters of paint. Add some extra red paint around the mouth and smear it across your face for the ultimate flesh-eating zombie look.

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