10 magical Disney inspired photos

With the release of Beauty and the Beast this weekend we have been reminiscing our love for Disney when we came across photographer Camilla Courts 'Magical World of Princesses' series...

Camilla's daughter Layla is the star of the series as she transforms into a real life fairy-tale princess. Camilla creates breathtaking scenes in this ongoing project and we must say we definitely envy little Layla who is living every little girls dream! 


1. Cinderella 


2. Ariel from the Little Mermaid


3. Elsa from Frozen


4. Belle from Beauty and the Beast


5. Merida in Brave



6. Aurora and Maleficent 


7. Belle


8. Snow White and Queen Grimhilde


9. Rapunzel from Tangled


10. And finally one more Belle from Beauty and the Beast 


See more from the series here.

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