10 reasons why you should be buying a new perfume this summer

Although the female fragrance market is saturated by floral scents, surveys have revealed that British women are opting for more masculine notes in their perfumes. Bath and shower experts showerstoyou.co.uk wanted to further explore the global fragrance and perfume market, which was worth as much as £31 billion in 2016, and looked into people’s favourite scents. Research found that 70% of women’s top-voted perfumes contained masculine woody or spicy notes. 

1. It makes you more attractive

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Fragrance has a long history with sex and seduction. In a study conducted by academics from Scotland, Austria and the Czech Republic, the effect of perfume was significant in ratings of attractiveness, compared to the ratings of the same participants when they had no fragrance on.

2. It heightens arousal

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Showerstoyou.co.uk revealed that smell has a heavy impact on human sexual behaviour. A women’s natural smell around ovulation has proven to be preferred by men, compared to other points in her cycle, helping male’s testosterone levels rise.

3. Scents change from season to season

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As months progress, it is becoming increasingly likely for some, particularly females, to change scents to create a transition from season to season. Winter commonly denotes the smell of warmth and spice, whereas the summer season typically sees a range of floral, light and pretty new fragrances hit the shelves.

4. Masculine scents are “in”

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Masculine scents, with woody or spicy notes, are becoming increasingly popular, with 70% of women’s top-voted perfumes containing these scents. Even though 96% of the 453 women’s perfumes listed on website ‘Fragrances of the World’ are described as floral, you can buck this feminine tradition and opt for something a little more manly. But it’s not just women who like heady male aromas in their fragrances – 63% of men seem to like them on women too.

5. You can pick a smell that suits you

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Studies show that a perfume we have selected for ourselves, as opposed to one chosen for us as a gift, is perceived to be more pleasant when blended with our own personal body odour. Throw aside that perfume you got given for Christmas that you don’t like and invest in a perfume that suits you.

6. You can find your signature scent

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Some women prefer to have a ‘signature scent’ rather than multiple perfumes. Although, the idea of this is fairly old-fashioned as a number of people in this day and age tend to own several perfumes. However, a ‘signature scent’ used to be the indication of a well-dressed and classy woman.

7. You can get a perfume for ‘dressing up’

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Perfume can be seen as an accessory that completes a look. As the season’s change, and your style evolves, so may your perfume. Some people like to have different perfumes for different occasions, to fit the mood. Women’s scent advertisements tend to portray women that wear perfume in a romantic, polished or seductive way.

8. Trends change

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Much like clothes, perfume trends change too. In previous years, the main trend for perfume was fruity fragrances, however now this has changed and 55% of women are opting for masculine scents instead.

9. You can choose ‘eau de toilette’ as well as an ‘eau de parfum’

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Invest in an eau de toilette as well as an everyday ‘parfum’ of the same scent to create different smells of the same perfume. This will come across as a lot cleaner and fresher, which is definitely desirable when it is hot and muggy outside during the summer months.

10. You can make sure you pick one of the top 10 all-time favourites

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The favourite fragrances of more than 66,000 participants on perfume encyclopaedia site Fragrantica, were listed as follows:

1. Coco Mademoiselle- Chanel
2. Hypnotic poison – Dior
3. Alien – Mugler
4. D&G Light Blue – Dolce and Gabbana
5. Lolita Lempicka – Lolita Lempicka
6. Flowerbomb – Viktor & Rolf
7. Shalimar- Guerlain
8. Coco Eau de Parfum – Chanel
9. J’adore – Dior
10. Euphoria – Calvin Klein

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