10 tips on applying sweat proof makeup this Summer

MUA make-up artist Georgina Grace shares her top tips on keeping your make up in place this Summer.

1. Tone your skin

Gently tone your skin prior to your makeup application as this will help remove any excess oil or sebum before you proceed

2. Oil free moisturiser


Opt for an oil free moisturiser or light weight lotion as this will help you remain “shine free” 

3. Use face primer

Use a face primer to help prevent it from getting shinny during those hot summer days and will help to ensure the makeup lasts longer.

4. Apply eye primer

Apply eye primer to your lids as this will help prevent creasing of the eye shadow and add longevity to your eye makeup.

5. Waterproof eye shadow


Opt for a waterproof eye shadow, normally a powder- crème base to give longevity and fade resistant properties.

6. Keep it light


Keep your base make up light and avoid anything to luminous as this will only add extra shine. Ideally, a tinted moisturiser will do the trick as minimal makeup is always best on hot days.

7. Use a transparent powder


Use a sheer transparent powder and/or bronzer over your base makeup which will help keep it looking fresh and natural and reduce any shine.

8. Use a gel blusher


Use a gel blusher, cheek stain or cream prior to your transparent powder. Stains & gels help the longevity of the makeup especially if the transparent powder is brushed over the top.

9. Water proof mascara and eye liner


Water proof mascara- helps prevent you from getting “panda eyes” in the hot weather. Also invest in waterproof eye liner or gel-long lasting.

10. Make lipstick last 

To help your lipstick stay on longer and to prevent from flaking, dust a little translucent powder lightly over your lip before and after application.

To finish off make sure you use a makeup fixing spray when you have completed your makeup. They come in different formulas and will help keep your makeup in place.


For more helpful tips check out the Wow How website.

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