10 ways on re-introducing beige into your home

Beige doesn’t have to be boring, re-introduce this classic neutral into your home for a touch of five star luxury...

The versatility of this colour is never ending; no shade clashes making it a simple must have for your home. Here’s 10 ways to incorporate the timeless beige into any home.

1 .Keep storage simple

This string pocket in sand (£115) is the perfect item for a minimalistic look.

2. Make it the foundation colour


We love the Brintons Bell Twist in Cotton, ( £39.99 per sqm) This price friendly carpet is an essential for any home that wants to look more luxurious. By incorporating colours such as orange, it helps to create a focal point and make your room ‘pop’.

3. Lighting fixtures


The ‘insta-famous’ light is the perfect item to make a room unique. Buy the VITA Copenhagen Eos Light now from £84.

4. Comfort can be done in style


We are in love with this Caruso 4 seater sofa in Echo Chamois with scatters in Echo Eucalyptus & Magnesium from £2,126. This simple yet comfortable sofa is the perfect buy. Dress it up with some vibrant pillows or keep it more neutral and graceful with similar matched pillows. The options are endless.

5. Add a bit of fun to the home


This Jungle inspired print from Andrew Martin is a subtle yet luxury must have. Andrew Martin, Jungle Linen Cushion, £49.

6. Revamp your bedding


This stylish Bed linen is the perfect solution for these hot summer months. Get yours here.

7. Keep things smart


By using beige with contrasted colours, it can complete the look. Get these Striped Kitchen Towel in White Multi for just £15.

8. Make it the colour scheme


Whoever said Beige was boring is wrong. Beige can be the centre piece as shown by these beautiful curtains and you can complete the look by getting pillows in a matching fabric. Get these Woodland Trees Natural Eyelet curtains from just £18.49. 

9. Keep things snug


This blanket makes the perfect accessory. Get your Sheridan Alena in Wicker between £39-£79.

10. Perfect for a touch of summer


Fun beige accessories are timeless additions to any home. These BBQ Kitchen Towels in Beige and White (£16) are our pick.




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