How to make a flower crown

In accordance to Chelsea Flower Show, bloomon wanted to bring The Flower Crown back to life with this how to guide...


1. You will need: 2 x piece of wire. We ordered ours from Amazon, 2 x length of ribbon, 1 x flower scissors, 1 x Flower Tape, your choice of flowers.

flower crown 

2. Bend your wire at both ends into a loop.


3. Tie one piece of ribbon to each end, make sure this is nice and tight.  (It’s nice if you match your ribbon to the colour of flowers but be rebellious anything goes).


4. Trim your stems, you need these nice and short, around 5 cm each. We chose a mix of matching colours.

how to make a flower crown 

5. Put together your flowers, pinching them ( gently) between your fingers to form a mini bouquet.


6. Wrap your second piece of wire around the flowers, make sure this is tight to keep it together.

Flower Crown 

7. Position your flowers along your crown, we like ours on the side, but you can put it anywhere along the wire.


8. When in position, wind the tape around the flowers, attaching it to the wire.

 how to make a flower crown


9. Give it a shake and check that it will stay in place.


10. Finally tie the ribbon around your head and Ta-Da!

Flower crown 

About bloomon

bloomon is the uber fresh seasonal flower delivery service that delivers directly from the grower to doorstep. Brimming with delicious colours and scents, they flourish in recycled handblown glass vases designed and made to measure by bloomon. They also offer workshops in partnership with unique boutique, Anthropologie, which are travelling UK to teach people how to arrange bouquets beautifully. 

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