Top 10 things you’ll hear during Freshers’ Week

Freshers Week

So you're just about to embark on the next chapter of your life at university, but are you really prepared for the biggest week of partying before the hard work starts? Here's what you can expect to hear during Freshers' Week...

1. “It’s not crabs, it’s bed bugs…. there is a difference…”

The first victim of an STD explains ‘the itch’.

2. “Everyone on my course is a massive cock.”

It is what it is. Take notes, then flee home.

3. “Drugs are so 2010.”

What happened weed? You were once so popular.

4. “Do I need to go to every single lecture?”

Short answer: No.

5. “Yahhh my gap yah was amazing; Thailand is suchhhh a spiritual place.”

It’s also the place you picked up crabs…

6. “Free baking soda? Sure, I’ll take some.”

Ain’t nothing like free shit.

7. “Does plagiarism include paying for an essay online?”

Short answer: Yes.

8. “How do you get cig ash off a Macbook?”

Blow gently. DO NOT TOUCH.

9. “Three days after the best before date is still okay, right?”

Milk? Probably. Assignments? No.

10. “The rugby club’s drinking pee again.”

What is wrong with those guys?

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