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One of the biggest franchises worldwide, Marvel Comics count, amongst many others, Captain America, Spider Man, Iron Man, The Hulk and Thor as some of their biggest superheroes. Below we discuss 10 things you may not have known about the original comic book brand.

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1. The Hulk was originally grey

Yes we know…we were shocked too! The Hulk was originally introduced as a grey character, but was swiftly changed to green when the colour printing of the comics in the 60’s was too poor.

2. Marvel have co owned the phrase “Super Hero” since 1981

Co-owned by Marvel and DC Comics, the trademark for Super Hero has been widely accredited.

3. Michael Jackson was close to playing Spider-Man

Ok so not quite. But back in the 90’s Michael Jackson tried his hand at buying Marvel Comics so that he could have the opportunity to play one of his favourite characters in a real-life movie.

4. Marvel once created a Superhero that wore hearing aids for a deaf fan

In a touching move, Marvel once designed a superhero that had temporarily lost his hearing and required the use of hearing aids. This was to support a young fan that was struggling to come to terms with having to wear his own aids, as he didn’t see any of his fellow superheroes wearing them.

5. Guardians of the galaxy was nearly no more

The Guardians of the Galaxy made their first Marvel appearance in 1969, but it took them 20 years to have their own comic. When it was published in 1990, the comic wasn’t popular and was cancelled after 62 issues.

6. Kids should have hated Spider-Man

Marvel comics founder Martin Goodman believed there was one fatal flaw with the introduction of spider-man, that children hated spiders! He tried to pull the plug on Spider-Man as he believed kids would hate him, thankfully he was wrong!

7. Spider-Man has an intentional hyphen

When designing the character Spider-Man, Stan Lee specifically decided to put a hyphen in the name, as he believed without, it would look too similar to that of DC Comics Superman.

8. Marvel are clever at getting around laws

There is a law in the US that increases the tax on toys that in some way resemble humans (don’t ask us why!). Marvel managed to get around this very cleverly by claiming that the toys are not humans, they are mutants.

9. Captain America almost had a different name

In the original plans for Captain America, he was known instead as ‘Super America’. This plan quickly changed after the original sketcher realised there were already far too many ‘supers’ in the series, and they needed something to change things up a little.

10. Robert Downey Jr wasn’t the original choice for Iron Man

Long before the role was cast, would you believe that Tom Cruise was considered to play Iron Man? According to reports, he turned down the offer as he wasn’t too fond of the script, shocker!


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