10 ways to chill out at your desk


10 Simple things to do at your desk to help relieve stress...

1. Toys. You need toys

Amazing how driving your five-year-old’s son toy car around your keyboard area can do for your sanity when you’ve missed budget by £20k. A few minutes out doesn’t harm anyone; a small distraction can take you out of the situation just enough to make you realise it’s a spreadsheet error causing the missing £20k... and relax. 

2. Bite into a Mango

Take a tropical vacation without leaving the desk chair. Use a five-minute break to peel, slice, and bite into a juicy mango, which packs a compound called linalool that helps lower stress levels . Don’t fret about the juice dripping down your chin — the stress relief is worth the mess. www.greatist.com

3 Listen to music 

We all have favourite tunes to help us relax… just make sure your phone has a playlist stocked for emergency chillout time. Not sure what to listen to? “Weightless” by Marconi Union was recently declared “the most relaxing tune ever” – worth a listen.


4. Visualisation

When you can’t physically go to your ‘happy place,’ a quick mental vacation can do wonders for your stress. Visualise one of the most relaxing scenes you can imagine – a beach, the top of a mountain, your favourite chair in the living room, or any other place you’d love to be. www.forbes.com

5. Go make tea

We are British. We love tea. It solves everything. 

6. Stretch your neck

Your neck can hold a lot of tension at work, especially if you sit behind a computer all day. And neck tension can lead to headaches later in the day, which can spoil your evening. Try this simple stretch to release a tense neck.

Sit in a neutral position, with your shoulders and neck relaxed, your knees bent at a 90-degree angle and your feet flat on the floor. Put your left hand gently on your head, then tilt your head towards your left shoulder. Use your hand to apply a little pressure, and you'll feel a stretch down the right side of your neck. Hold for a count of 10 at first (build up to a count of 30), then repeat on the other side. Do each stretch on each side twice whenever you feel the tension mounting up. www.caba.org.uk

7. Call someone

Try dialing up a friend, your sister or mum as one of the ways to chill out. Hearing a friendly and familiar voice when you’re feeling stressed can help you get your mind off of things and just enjoy a good laugh or conversation for a few minutes. http://health.allwomenstalk.com/

8. Clear out clutter 

How clean is your desk? An organised workspace can keep you focused. "Having a clutter-free workspace means there's no stress hunting down needed items, so time is spent more productively," says professional organiser Sally Allen, CEO of A Place for Everything. Her advice: Keep the things you work on daily on top of your desk, the things you work on weekly in your desk, and the things you work on monthly around your desk. Everything else? Toss it. www.cbsnews.com

9. Practise a five minute meditation exercise

Close your eyes and sit still for 30 seconds. Focus on your breathing. Take deep inhales and exhales through your nose. Try to slow down your breathing so it is deep and long on each inhale and exhale. Do this for about a minute. Continue to breathing slowly and deeply for two more minutes. Picture a calm, natural space, like a beach, a lake, or a forest. Take another minute to sit and breathe. Open your eyes once the five minutes are over. www.wikihow.com

10. Try some desk exercise

Proven to be a stress reliever, exercise doesn’t have to mean an outdoor run or quick gym trip. Try these great tips right at your office desk… 

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