10 ways to stick to your fitness resolutions this new year

10 ways to stick to your fitness resolutions this new year

Make positive changes this new year with resolutions you can stick to. January 1 comes around every year and with it the pressure to make healthy lifestyle changes, which by February 1 can feel difficult to maintain. It doesn't need to be like this. Follow these top ten tips from Ultra Trail Spain running holiday's training experts and make resolutions you can stick to...

1. Set a goal

If you're keen to make positive changes to your life during 2017, then set a goal. Research shows goal-setting develops a sense of accountability. Write it down, design a plan to help you to achieve, and you're much more likely to get there. If you have a fitness goal then a personal trainer will help you design a plan to fit into your lifestyle.

2. Be realistic

Your goal should be realistic. This will avoid putting added stress on yourself as a result of going all out to reach it. It's a good idea to set mini-targets, giving you a sense of achievement, as you progress towards your overall aim.

3. Discuss your goals

Get your friends and family involved. They can help you stay on track if they know what you're working towards. Plus, if you decide your goal is something like training for a marathon or Ironman triathlon, family buy-in will be integral to your success. The training for these types of events can be time consuming.

4. Find a friend

Training with a partner who is working towards a similar target can be highly motivational. You can discuss your progress, train together, and be accountable to each other. Miss a session...you've got someone to answer to!

5. Go somewhere inspiring

Make your training more interesting by heading on a goal-orientated holiday. Ultra Trail Spain designs personalised running holidays and camps for those training for races from 5km to 100 miles in motivational surroundings. Our runners leave inspired and focused on their individual goals.

6. Stay positive

Keep upbeat if you miss a day's training, fall off the rails, or overindulge. One day is not the end of the world. Don't give up. Simply focus on your final goal, pick up your training the next day, and keep going. Consistency over several months is what leads to results.

7. Mix it up

Running a marathon is a common goal, and while running should be your primary sport - in order to develop the correct muscles to be able to achieve your final target - cross training and doing other activities will help protect you from injury and keep you motivated.

8. Discover what works for you

Some people take pride in sharing their training statistics on an app, like Strava. It provides them with a sense of responsibility. Other people, however, feel more comfortable keeping their goals and training private. It's up to you; find what works for you.

9. Make gradual changes

The human body is amazing because it's infinitely adaptable. Whatever you ask, it can learn to achieve BUT this doesn't mean you should go out and simply attempt your final goal. Instead, make gradual changes, building up the distance you can run, for example, step-by-step and you'll do it. Your body will gradually adapt to what you're asking of it, reducing the risk of injury, and massively increasing your chances of success.

10. Treat yourself

Focusing on your goal is great, but you deserve the odd treat every now and then. Reach a mini-target, for example, and give yourself a treat. This could be doing special activities, spending more time with family, or going out for a meal with friends.

Ultra Trail Spain running holidays hosts dedicated performance training camps and holidays helping runners of all abilities achieve their personal goals, in the beautiful mountain surroundings of Moclín, Spain.

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