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Everyone is familiar with feeling exhausted! At the end of a busy and tiring day we often feel like we have no energy left to do anything. However, there is help at hand: Thanks to Magnetix you can easily boost your energy and live life to the full – enabling you to carry on doing more activities that you enjoy...

MAGNETIX Wellness uses Neodymium Magnets (Approx. 1,200 Gauss) within a range of jewellery and accessories. The power of these magnets give energy, strength and well-being. Moreover MAGNETIX uses exclusive, stylish design in combination with the beneficial strengths of the magnets so you can look good and feel good!

Here are 10 suggestions to help you to increase your energy levels. It’s so easy to improve your wellbeing – just get started. It’s up to you whether you try just one - or all of the tips!

1. Wear beautiful magnetic bracelets to stay stress resistant


The MAGNETIX bracelets are thought to give you a special feeling of wellbeing. They can be worn every day and for special occasions. In particular the flexible bracelets are soft and comfortable to wear. They can be easily pulled on even if your knuckles/wrists happen to be swollen, for instance from a lot of typing. 

2. Use selective power from the power hearts & chakra magnets 


The extra strong power heart for neck, back and all joints is a perfect accessory for everyone. They are especially suitable for people who are under a lot of stress in their daily lives due to the effect of the powerful neodymium magnets. According to chakra teaching, the human body is divided into seven chakras, each of which is allocated a colour with a very particular energy. The chakra magnets combine magnetic power and effective copper with the findings from colour psychology and chakra therapy. Use the counter plates to attach the power heart magnets exactly where the power of the magnets and colours is needed. 

3. Become a water drinker!  


Water is colourless and has no smell or taste, yet it is the basis for all life. With a magnetic stick or magnetic coaster for your water glass, you will enjoy energising water as a refreshing and revitalizing elixir of life, whether at home or out. It is recommended to drink up to 1, 5 – 2 Litres of water per day. 

4. Don‘t forget to provide your feet with magnetic power

Magnetic insoles give you an extra boost of magnetic power when there is no time to put your feet up or if you are on your feet a lot. 

5. Stimulate your reflex zones 

Countless nerve paths lead from the soles of the feet to various internal organs. If these organs are stimulated via the soles of the feet by a pressure point massage with gravel, it should have a positive effect. The Magnetix Wellness foot reflex zone mat is based precisely on this health-promoting principle. The simulated gravel massages all pressure points located on the base of the foot. This increases wellbeing and activates the foot, leg and posture muscle system on the whole body. Just short walking sessions of 10 minutes twice a day are enough to strengthen your foot muscles. At the same time you will gently relax and feel how energy returns to your body.

6. Follow a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables

Fruit and Veg

People who eat lots of fruit and vegetables tend to be healthier and live longer. When you keep your fruit and vegetables on the MAGNETIX silicone magnet coaster your food will stay fresh and energy-rich. 

7. Start exercising daily


You don’t need to run a marathon to get the benefits of an energy boost — moderate levels of your favorite fitness activity are fine too. The MAGNETIX sports wrist bands give your training a magnetic extra kick. The sports wrist bands follow your movement and are unaffected by rain and sweat. 

8. Enjoy a regular massage

A beneficial massage works miracles. With the MAGNETIX massage magnets you can easily relax your neck, your shoulders and also your face, simply by using circular movements of the magnet over the areas.

9. Relax daily: take a 15-minute energetic bath in the evening for renewed energy 

The MAGNETIX water magnet can be added into your bath water. The powerful neodymium magnets will then provide you with magnetic power. In addition the bright colours of the water magnets will make you happy and forget your exhausting day! 

10. Take a power nap


Sleep experts say that a 10-to-20-minute nap will give you a quick boost of energy. The MAGNETIX sleep mask with 7 incorporated magnets (each which gentle 600 Gauss) optimizes your power nap with an extra boost of magnetic energy. Goodbye rings around the eyes! – Hello fresh feeling! 


In 1999, when Petra Döring started designing magnetic jewellery, it was all great fun: she focused on classical colours and shapes, current trends, personal preferences and her own inspiration. She put together collections of matching items of jewellery that perfectly complemented one another – from bracelets and chains to rings and earrings. And she combined design and efficacy, because each item is equipped with high quality magnets.

Over the years the whole MAGNETIX Collection has developed its own unmistakeable 'signature'. It's to be found in every piece of jewellery and in every accessory – masterly design and meticulous production. You could be in with a chance of winning a £50 voucher to spend at MAGNETIX. Visit their website, to see the collection.

This competition closes at 9.00am on Monday 3rd July and is for UK residents only. 

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